MicroblogPoster Pro Add-on

The Pro Add-on is a wordpress plugin helper which brings additional functionalities to the Microblog Poster free plugin.

Pro Add-on Additional Features

  • Cross post to Facebook fan/business pages.
  • Cross post to Facebook groups.
  • Auto publish to Linkedin company pages.
  • Auto publish to Linkedin groups.
  • Auto update Tumblr blogs.
  • MicroblogPoster's Control Dashboard on the new-post page.
    • Have more control over MicroblogPoster when writing a new post.
    • Enable/Disable specific social accounts for this particular post.
    • Choose on the fly the format message for each social account.
  • Fast, Reliable Support by Email.

What You get:

Access to your customer account on this site where you can download the latest stable version of the Microblog Poster Pro Add-on wordpress plugin.
Future updates are free of charge and are available in the customer area for download or automatically from inside your WordPress installation, just like with any other plug-in.


A multiple-site license to Microblog Poster Pro Add-on.
This license is for your own sites and is one-time payment only.
All future upgrades to the Pro Add-on will be available to the buyers free of charge.

Company Infos:

Ustanička 137, 11050 Belgrade

29.90€ Buy Now

30 days Money Back Guarantee, if any pro feature does not work and we are unable to fix it.

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